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  • NFG12

    March 24, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Thank you for your kind words Marcello71. I agree that mesh is no good, it seems to cause way more bad than good. No Dr. Ramshaw did not do the surgery I just consulted with them about having it done and he just does it laproscopic, he was my first choice but im in Michigan and I searched around here and found someone but ive been regretting it so far. And the surgeon yes changed everything on me at the last second when he came in pre op. He said if I remove the mesh and tacks and that doesn’t work and your still in pain I cannot go back in for the nerves then, which now I don’t really believe that and I wish I hadn’t let him do that. After the surgery I woke up and could not feel my feet at all, it slowly has went away but not all the way and im 3 months out, I feel kind of worse than before so far to be honest, I feel so much weaker, especially from my calfs down which is most likely from nerves being compressed for so long in the position they put you in for the robot your like tilted back so I think that was compressing my nerves and I was like that for about 3 hours. He said he got all the mesh out and that is the only positive thing I can take away from this so far. But that’s what I was saying about Ramshaw is that they said usually about 85% of the time they remove mesh the hernia is not there because of the tissues there closing it and I told the surgeon I did not want more mesh in me and the op report states there were no obvious hernias on either side.