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Oh ok, that makes more sense. So how long was the mesh in for & how old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

If he didn’t put anymore mesh in & he got all of the old mesh out, that’s pretty good as far as these scenarios turn out usually. I hate to say it but if you also didn’t lose a testicle or need epigastric vessels to be clipped off or didn’t develop a serious infection; then it sounds like a success. You won’t know for sure until atleast 6 months to a year have passed btw. Of course you are right about the nerve stuff that’s very scary & serious, plus I think those nerves serve more functions then they say(might not only be sensory nerves).
I am about to undergo the same procedure & I am fully aware that I could be in worse pain after removal. If I am in worse pain after removal that persists past 6 months however, then I can go for neurectomies at that point.

Just curious, was your removal performed at University of Michigan, another teaching university or by a private practice surgeon?

Also final question, how bad was your pain/symptoms before removal & how are they now on a 1-10 scale?

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