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Thanks momof4 for the kind words I appreciate it. Marcello71 the mesh was in for about 19 months, I never even had pain before I got the first surgery and after I got the surgery the pain just got worse and worse it never subsided. I am 27 years old, I just remember life before these surgeries and I wish I never went through with the first one. I didn’t lose a testicle but the one on my left has been hurting since I got the mesh removed, I developed some little sort of cyst or something on my spermatic cord after removal on the left side. I don’t think he clipped any epigastric vessels. I looked in to University of Michigan but its hard to get in there, I was looking at 3 months just for a consult. I should have traveled to do it, you really have to find someone that knows what there doing. My first choice was Dr. Ramshaw but then I found these hernia specialists in Michigan here that are susposed to be the best in the state but im not so sure about that now. And yes the nerve stuff is weird and im not liking the feeling of that. How long has your mesh been in for the longer the more scar tissue, mine was like I said about 19 months so that’s why I wanted to get it done because I figured the less time less scar tissue it will be easier to get out. Ive heard so much bad stuff about mesh period and I studied quite a bit but that #d max mesh is causing a lot of problems for man guys. That mesh on one side has some bioabsorbable acid to make more of an inlamed respose withing your body. The mesh stuff is a joke to me honestly especially if your not a heavy person. If you did a shouldice repair it most likely will heal good and hold up and if it does come back then you just have to fix it again, if you use mesh and it doesn’t hold or just causes problems then you have to go through the whole mesh of taking it out and all that. And those nerves do serve motor functions like to the cremaster muscle and stuff. My pain before mesh removal could be bad sometimes where it would keep me up at night and it was horrible so sometimes a 9 or 10. As of the mesh removal so far theres somewhat of a difference but not so much as of yet it will probably take some time but I hope I improve with time, it is a relief to know that it is out though. I just want to tell you Marcello71 and Momof4 to ask a lot of questions. With the mesh removal heres how it goes, Some surgeons wont even do it unless they do neurectomy to, they will say the neurectomy with it is the only real way we know that you will not wake up in pain, or they will say we could not free the nerves without damaging them, or if they even think the nerve has been irritated and it could be causing pain they don’t want to take that chance so they cut it, or they say well even if we leave the nerves there after removing the mesh scar tissue will just grow back over them and cause them to get irritated anyways. Dr. Towfigh wrote on here somewhere that even under a microscope they cannot tell if the nerve is damaged so there they don’t take that chance and they cut it. All I can tell you Marcello71 and Mmof4 is to ASK ALOT OF QUESTIONS AND DO SOME STUDYING ON THIS YOURSELF TO! THATS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

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