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Well put MESH. I will never believe Neurectomys are good for anyone open or laproscopic, if they avoid them the first time putting mesh in to avoid pain then how when taking the mesh out would it help then. I recently got my mesh removed Robotically in December and its been pretty tough ever sense.I woke up from this procedure and it was about 3 hours long and I could not feel my feet at all, kind of from my calfs down the my feet actually and they said its from being positioned for so long the way I was with the Robotic is positioned. I did not want a neurectomy at all and that’s what was planned but on the day of my operation the surgeon switched everything up on me saying he was going to take all the nerves and place more mesh in, he stated if I don’t get the nerves this time I cannot go back in and get them if you are still in pain after this.

So that scared me plus how can you make a decision in 5 minutes like that. I told him no way more mesh in at all and I don’t get how that makes sense to put more in if it was causing pain no matter how different it is. He cut the genital branch on both sides and I never opted for that and I do not like the feeling from it, I feel so much weaker especially in my legs and feet. Mesh is nasty, polypropelene should never be put in anyones body in my opinion, I even read somewhere that it states never to put it in anyone. It degrades with time and what it is made from is just nasty to begin with. Im glad to see all these hernia mesh lawsuits coming about because someone has to put a stop to all this nonsense!

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