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Thank you NFG12,

Never cut the nerves. Unless the doctor himself has had it done to him or herself and can explain to you the feeling
from their own personal experience. I knew something fishy was up with this removal doctor having little concern and spending little time discussing the neurectomy, It was obvious. He knew It would have made me walk. I have to live with myself knowing I made the second worst decision of my life. Such an obvious scheme I’m embarrassed I insulted my own intelligence. It’s hard to live with on a daily basis.

I’m more opposed of a neurectomy than mesh having gone through both. It is a sickening alternative. I do not want to live anymore because of these neurectomies. It makes having mesh a trip to the day spa compared to having vital major nerves removed:

I’m sorry you had to go through a removal. I think removing mesh in anyway shape or form is awful and a tough decision. I just spoke to another person who had robotic removal and they were not feeling the greatest after either.
Good luck. Use the force go with your gut.

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