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  • NFG12

    March 28, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Mesh your not alone. I get down on myself everyday for all this but we are susposed to be able to trust doctors/surgeons to look out for our best interest and take care of us but I definently do not anymore. I just wanted the mesh and tacks removed and that was the plan but the day of surgery he came in and switched everything up on me saying he wants to take all the nerves on each side and also put more mesh in. I wish I would have just walked out of there then but I was sick of being in pain so I didn’t know what to do. I said no mesh back in at all and I didn’t opt for the nerves cut but on my operative report it states that the Genital branch was litigated on both sides. I have felt weaker ever since and I never wanted it done and now the surgeon could care less, once they operate its like well good luck.

    I feel the way you are though to, its very stressful and depressing. I just remember life before these damn surgeries and I miss it everyday. They talk the neurectomy stuff like its the only way to feel better like oh you will just feel numb and that’s it and they say there is no motor function there just sensory. I think once the mesh is in the damage is already done no matter what. Surgeons stated this well if we just remove the mesh and takes then then might not work and you will still be in pain so the only way we know forsure you wont is to cut the nerves, or they stated that if we leave the nerves scar tissue will just grow over them and irritate them anyways. Dr. Grischkan in Ohio is probable the best hernia surgeon and he doesn’t go for the mesh he just does the shouldice repair and barely has any reacurences. He said even laproscopic is even unnecessary in most cases and that he can usually make a half inch incision and in about 20 minutes your done. He said there no reason to use materials that are going to make people in pain right after or somewhere down the road. Take it easy and know you are not alone, we are all in this together.