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    April 9, 2017 at 12:01 am

    Thank you for your response Dr. Towfigh, I’m now actually 5 weeks post op and the stabbing pains I was describing in an earlier post have calmed down a bit in intensity and frequency but I am still getting this low level pinching sensation in and around the scar I think since the groin is still pretty numb so hard to exactly pin point and the occasional stabbing pain, again compared to before at a lower intensity but there is still significant “activity” in my right groin where the surgery was. I’m not debilitated from the pain and nothing specific seems to bring it on. pain when it really his is prob a 2\3 please let me know if this sounds somewhat normal?? At 5 weeks, I haven’t returned to the gym or any sort of exercise as I’m very nervous to. I’m actually very nervous that I’m on my way into the “chronic” pain category. When is that protocol started or evaluated? Am I jumping the gun?? I really hope so, based upon the low level of pain I’m experiencing I’m praying it just goes away perhaps I heal slower then the norm….Please what are your thoughts or anyone reading this, please talk me off the ledge.