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  • Unknown Member

    April 9, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Do you see that sometimes when you remove mesh that men have some testicular pain afterwards for awhile? Is it just from trauma? The Op report says there was some ongoing bleeding in the epigastric area but it was controlled. It also says that the Vas and testicular blood supply was preserved. Does your spermatic cord go through some trauma with mesh removal that heals with time, is that why it can be sore for awhile? It also stated there was more scar tissue on my left side than the right side, can that explain why the left is still sorer than the right side?

    And it states that neurolysis was performed but also neurectomy of a small piece of the Genital branch on the right where my susposed femoral hernia was and the Genital branch on the left side also where my inguinal one was. If the neurolysis was possible couldn’t I have just got that done and not the neurectomy then, I didn’t really want any nerves cut I told him.

    Also is the genital branch neurectomy more of a mild neurectomy, I don’t feel much numbness on the right side but in my left side it feels way more numb like at were my scrotum starts at the top and the base of the penis and the crease of my inner thigh I thought that was more of the illioguinal nerve in that area but he said he didn’t take that nerve but nerves can overlap and distribute to different areas because I thought he cut more nerves on the left because it feels way number than the right side. Could he have cut the whole Genitofemoral nerve all together on the left that’s why I have more numbness on that side?

    Also how long do you think it takes for recovery from mesh removal? I’ve heard a good 6 months to a year which sounds pretty right. I am only 3 months out at this point from mesh removal. Also do the nerves that were cut kind of settle down after awhile I am not really liking the feeling of that so far at all, that’s why I told him I did not want any nerves cut and only the mesh and tacks to be removed.

    I developed a big hematoma, my scrotum was huge but they said that was normal with mesh removal then I asked if we should drain it they said no it will heal with time and that’s when my left testicle started to hurt so I got an ultrasound about 2 months after the mesh removal and it showed that I developed Microlithiasis of my left testicle that I never had before. They said because the hematoma was not treated that it can build up calcifications. Do you think that’s possible? Have you ever seen it happen?