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lifeboat, I’m just a fellow patient so don’t take this as pro medical advice…

Was your groin/hernia ultrasound with valsava to rule out hernia or recurrence? Have you tried a long course of anti-inflammatory? Assuming you can tolerate it, many clinics will try 30 and 60 day courses of strong prescription NSAID (not generic ibuprofen) which can apparently have a cumulative effect on reducing inflammation. Have you tried nerve block injections? Also I wonder if you had pain relief after a particular surgery, but the pain returned over time, it may be that the injury has returned or did not heal entirely before being re-damaged?

Dr William Meyers in PA is well known for groin pain and sports injuries. It may be worth re-visiting the clinic if you had good results there before.

Dr. Andrew Boyarsky in New Jersey is another potential east coast resource for inguinal disruption and sports hernia injuries

Keep us updated on your case, good luck.

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