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Oops…phone froze. Anyway. I went to my appointment and reviews the scan. I showed him in the scan exactly where the pain was. I could see a dark area and pointed it to him. I also explained the pain and when I have it I had him touch the area which feels like a hard round marble. Actually in 2 places close to one another. He reviewed my chart and had a thought that it could be the permanent suture that he used. He didn’t use dissolvable sutures and it could be that I am reacting to the permanent suture and there could be some granulation tissue. He said that if it doesn’t resolve he could do a quick procedure and remove the suture and clean the area. There’s also a very small area of fat that formed there and he could remove that too. He suggested going to pain management to have them inject it with lido and a steroid. Maybe even do that a few times. The issue I’m having is that I’ve had steroid shots in the past that actually ate away at my fat and left a huge dent. Once in my buttocks that took 2 years to fill in and once in my face for a small cystic acne. I needed to have corrective cosmetic surgery for that! I don’t want a dent or defect near my belly button!
has anyone else had a reaction like this to a suture? The hernia and mesh feel ok and I don’t have the hernia pain that I had last summer!
It’s just this one area. It hurts every day. Its not going away.

Dr Towfigh what do you think! I contacted dr marc Jacob in NY and he gave me a referral to dr Jarrod Kaufman near me. Thats when I didn’t know it was this suture issue.

Thoughts anyone?

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