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  • mela414

    April 24, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    I am having pain and discomfort at the site of where a hernia near my belly button was removed. No mesh was placed it was just sutured. I have had pain since surgery. the first week to there was a large swelling and doctor thought it was a seroma. He tried to drain it when I was in his office but not nothing came out. He said it had already solidified and said it would get absorbed but might take a few months. I also told him it felt tight and pulling.
    So here I am 6 months later with same daily pain. It hurt more when I sit up or lean back or forward from a sitting position. I feel pain anytime I use those abdominal muscles. Then it stays sore for a while.
    I finally did a CT scan and saw the surgeon Friday. He said everything looked fine on scan.
    I had him feel area and showed him on CT where the pain was. We used a little round metal marker on the pain area when taking the scan. He felt the hard knotted lumps and reviewed his notes and then said he used permanent sutures and that could be causing some pain and could go away with more time. He referred me to pain management to have it injected. I’m not too thrilled about this.
    He said if this didn’t work out he could go back in and remove the sutures. He also said that even removing the sutures there is a 50 % chance the pain could remain.
    Im ready for another opinion and making an appointment with someone today.
    Im really starting to lean towards suture problem. Maybe thats why nothing drained when he thought it was a seroma! I just want this resolved. My suegert was for incarcerated femoral hernia. He only found this by chance and removed and sutured it when he was done. I think I