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Dr Towfigh

just an update. I went for the second opinion and he said it was a reaction the the sutures and to get them out. He also spoke highly of my surgeon and told
me to go back to him. He said he would also call him. So I asked why would he do that. Obviously they know each other and he assured me he was an excellent surgeon and would be able to go in and remove them. I told him I felt akward about it…. anyway I called my surgeon and we spoke on the phone. He’s al Amy’s been very receptive to what I’ve been saying and believes I have pain. I guess he just wanted to wait and see if it resolved itself.

He said he would go in and remove them. Of course he would not guarantee that all pain would be gone. I guess he just has to cover himself.

He said he’s had to go in and remove sutures before when they were attached to mesh but never had to go in and remove for an isolated incident like this but asured me could remove them.
he did send me to pain management to see if they could inject but that doctor also felt it was the sutures and needed to come out.

The pain has gotten worse. I cannot push down on the area without feeling pain and then provoking pain for a long time afterwards. It hurt when the doctor did the exam today pressing on it having me sit-up, turn and cough. He said at least it wasn’t a hernia reoccurrence.

I hope that once these are out I will feel better. Any thoughts.?

right now it feels tight when I stretch or use those abdominals or lean forward and then back.
Do you think the muscles healed too tightly or will
it loosen up once those sutures are out?

So tired of this pain.

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