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To feel everything normal for me it took 6 to 8 weeks. In the initial days I also had jerk like feeling while sleeping and the feeling suddenly woke me up – yes with a jerk. That jerk made the incision area painful for 15 minutes and was gone as it came. For every other function (including the one you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!) it took nearly 10 weeks. In the days after the incision cut remained hard but over months – yes months – it softened and now I still have some hardness. The cut area heals VERY slowly over months and years.

My surgery was by Dr. Goodyear of PA with ultrathin mesh. He said the mesh is 8x stronger than the human tissue. I also used Milk of Magnesia – the well known laxative for over 60 or 70 years – in the initial days to help me empty bowels and not put strain on digestive system. I also avoided eating hard to digest food like cheese, pizza etc. Lots of walking, short and long walks slow or whatever pace that suited me helped a lot. In fact Dr. G said I should keep walking daily for the mesh to merge well. Initial days the surgical cut felt like Dr. G sued up a snickers bar inside me. LOL.

So give it time and take it easy. Life will return to complete normal as time goes by. Do not try to “TEST” any of your body functions by lifting heavy weights and such. Surgical cut is what it is and takes time to heal. Listen to your body. If it says no, no it should be.

Please post updates and good luck. If you are happy with your surgeon, please post his details – like what his daily profession is (not all surgeons do surgeries ONlLY daily), state and location; so other people can benefit.

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