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I had an incarcerated femoral hernia but was in pain for 7 months before they figured out what I had. I had surgery October 2016. They also found a small hernia near my belly button. The femoral hernia was repaired with mesh and the one near the belly button was sutured. I never had any pain in my belly near my belly button. I only had pain by the femoral hernia and after bowel movements. I was told this was because I was pushing more fat into the femoral canal.
By the time they did the surgery they said the fat was stuffed inside the femoral canal.

i did not do any excercie or
lifting for months after. I stared to ease my way into walking and then at about 4 months the elliptical machine. I noticed an increase in pain so had to stop. It was stirring things up.

my problem now is that I am having terrible pain by the bellybutton and belly. I was told it’s probably suture rejection and I am looking at doing another surgery now. So obviously not exercising.

Good luck with your MRI results and hope it’s not a hernia.

has anyone had suture rejection problems. I did a post a few weeks ago but no responses 🙁

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