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Because I have interstitial cystitis and PFD they never looked outside the box. The pain was debilitating especially after BMs. My pelvi pain dr gave me a bunch of trigger point injections which made things worse and also sent me to PT which crippled me. I started to think outside the box and wound up going to a sports hernia doctor in NYC who did not accept insurance so I had to pay for the consult.
He quickly told me I think you have a femoral hernia. He sent me to his hospital for an MRI with valsalva maneuver and calls to tell me I had an incarcerated femoral hernia.

You can do a search in this site for doctors in you area. I’m sure someone will respond with the name of a reputable doctor for you to go to and have this checked.

Be persistent. Don’t give up. I knew the pain was more than just PFD….which is painful in itself… but this was different.

best of luck. Please keep us posted

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