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Any update? How are you doing? Have you seen a doctor about your recurrence?

What was your original repair type that failed? You might want to seek out a specialist who has experience in recurrences.

I am not sure of what surgery types performed you would need to inquire directly and ask if they have experience with recurrences as well, but a few names of west coast hernia specialists that have come up in these forums and elsewhere are:

– Dr Andrew Wright at UW Seattle

– Dr Rebecca Petersen in Seattle

– Dr Robert Wright in Washington

– Dr Paul Dally in Washington

– Dr Robert Martindale at OHSU

– Dr Sean Orenstein at OHSU

– Dr William Brown in Palo Alto

– Dr Shirin Towfigh in Los Angeles

– Dr David Chen at UCLA

– Dr Bob Burns in Newport Beach

There are likely others as well. Good luck and keep us updated on your case.

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