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I read this and am now wondering which type of sutures they will sew you up with the second time to avoid a reaction to the sutures like the one you had? I’m worried about the materials used when my hernia or hernias get repaired after reading your experience and others on here. I get reactions on my skin to many materials, so ideally I would like dissolvable sutures, but I don’t know if any surgeons use dissolvable sutures to sew up inguinal or femoral hernias? shouldice repair doesn’t leave anything foreign in your body, but I don’t think they perform it on femoral hernias, and from what I read sometimes they won’t know if it is inguinal or femoral until the actual surgery. It would be rough to take an plane and pay for accommodations out of pocket to get a surgery done for a shouldice repair only to find out you need mesh because it is actually a femoral hernia. Can surgeons repair femoral hernias without leaving anything foreign in the body?

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