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  • mela414

    June 3, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    my femoral hernia was repaired with mesh and tacks. I don’t seem to be having a problem with that. The problem that I am having is with the small hernia they found near the bellybutton. It was so small that they just used a few permanent sutures. That’s where I am having the issue. I had to cancel my procedure yesterday due to a flu. When I am feeling better I will reschedule and do the surgery. I was told that at seven months it should be healed pretty well so they will remove the permanent sutures and if necessary just put a few dissolvable sutures in there. I’m hoping that that will work out better. I still feel tugging and pulling and I’m hoping once those permanent sutures are removed it will remove a lot of the tension and pain. Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to you