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  • mela414

    June 23, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    After much back and forth….I finally got the surgical coordinator to call me back today with a date to have these damn sutures out. At first she told me July 21st which is 4 weeks away and it really took me for a loop. I can’t wait that long! I had surgery scheduled for June 2nd and had to cancel due to illness. The surgery was scheduled in the surgery center. I asked her to check his hospital schedule and she said how about July 3rd. Now that’s better!

    So I am finally going to get these sutures out that are causing me so daily pain. I can’t lean forward or back…any abdominal strain pulls on the sutures and causes pain. I can feel the little knots right under the skin near the belly button. I also have some swelling in that area.

    I also started to feel pain again when exercising in the pool…doing some bicycle moves with my legs in the deep end and some lunges in the shallow end. but….not just where the sutures are.I feel the pain in the groin where they fixed the femoral hernia. I always had some shooting nerve pain when touching a certain spot in the groin area. I don’t even want to think about that now.If I don’t exercise and I don’t press there it doesn’t hurt. I just want to take care of the suture removal by the belly button and pray it will help. I can re evaluate the femoral area later on and if need be go for a consult with someone else.

    I can’t believe it took them so long to get back to me for a new surgical date. I’ve been calling since last week and finally got a date today Friday! maybe they were punishing me for cancelling…but I would have been turned away from the anesthesiologist if I showed up for the surgery. I was just so sick….

    Oh well, timing is everything.