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I hope Dr Towfigh responds to you and can give you some insight. I’ve been down the pelvic pain road myself and had many surgeries for endometriosis and adhesions. I’ve also had PT for PFD and I have interstitial cystitis as well so I know the pain you are having is real. At the very least you should have had an MRI done and had it read by a hernia specialist. I suffered for 7 months last year with horrific pain that started after a terrible BM. I was told it was muscle spasm and had trigger point injections that made thrnoain worse. It also flared my IC. After much of my own research and going to so many doctors I thought it was a sports hernia. I demanded my Pelvic pain doctor order and MRI. It was negative other than bulging discs lower back. So, I had and epidural that did not help the pain. I finally went to a specialist in NYC and paid out of pocket fo a consult. He looked at the MRI and did a thorough exam and suspected a femoral hernia. He sent me to his hospital for the MRI with Valsalva maneuver and called me a few days later to confirm. He said he also thought it was incarcerated. Don’t stop searching for an answer until you get one even if it’s not one that you like. I hope you get to the bottom of this and will
have some relief.
Best wishes

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