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  • raindrop

    June 28, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    I just read this post, and I had never heard of a hip labral tear. I wonder if that is what I have? I had one surgeon tell me I have a small hernia and I had one surgeon tell me I have a groin strain. My pain is actually worse in the morning. The pain wakes me up in the mornings. Not a terrible pain but a discomfort in the inguinal area. I have a BM in the morning when I wake up and I am not constipated. I eat a lot of fiber. Sometimes I feel a tiny bit of possibly an ache ,maybe not, after a BM. I have been reading so much on symptoms for hernias that I’m not sure if I’m just looking for that.

    My main pain us where I have a bone and a muscle (according to my primary doctor). by my leg crease and a bit where my public bone is. I feel the public bone pain when I touch that area not usually without touching it. I can’t believe I FORGOT to tell both surgeons that it aches like a sudden pull and lessens over time when I place my legs in cris cross position or indian style. Sometimes I can put my legs like that without pain and sometimes I can’t without eliciting some pain but it depends on how fast I do it and the angle. If it is a small angle it doesn’t hurt but larger angle hurts. If I move the leg fast into that cris cross position it hurts. If slow it doesn’t always hurt. Does that new hint HERNIA or STRAIN or HIP LABRAL TEAR? I just lifted my leg to put it in indian style and it hurt like a tiny stab in a very localized place.

    By the time, I go to sleep I get comfortable quickly and fall asleep without pain especially if my legs are straight while I lay on my back but lately sleeping my sides has been fine too. No women in my family have ever had hernias. So. i don’t know what to think anymore. I’m just not used to not being able to pull heavy doors or carry backpacks or put force on the leg where the pain is. Going up the stairs brings some pain. Some days it does not. And, lately I realized I step hard when I walk and I run a little bit to get to my phone, answer the door, get things in general all day long, so not being able to is really making me frustrated. Ice and heat help reduce the pain whenever I get it. Heat works quicker.

    Reading that an MRA is best for a labral tear (I just looked that up), a dynamic MRI being best for an occult hernia, and that sometimes they produce false positives is also adding to the confusion. I read on here many people go on for years before they get an accurate diagnosis, and I would like to get pregnant in another 2 years, so I would like to somehow get help getting to the bottom of this. I am worried about getting pregnant and aggravating the health problem. Not sure what is the next step I should take if this pain doesn’t resolves in another few months.

    Before I thought of it as an abdominal pain and these past few days I have been calling it a leg pain because my leg movement and pressure on my leg seems to trigger it more than anything else. Leaning down doesn’t bother me unless I bend my legs or stretch them too much to bend down. coughing and sneezing cause no pain.

    I hope with these new leg hints I can get a little more resolution. Thank you so much.