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Ok so I finally had the surgery on Monday July 3rd. The doctor removed 2 permanent sutures to the right of my belly button. There was also one on the left that he was not able to get to. He said my belly button would have collapsed. Right now I really don’t like the way my bellybutton looks anyway. He removed the sutures and did not place any dissolvable sutures. He said that everything looked fine. he closed my belly button with a glue suture. I know that everything is still very swollen and in time it will go down. But I really do hope that my bellybutton gets back to looking some sort of normal.
on the other hand, the pain issue is better. When I lean forward I no longer feel the pulling that I was having before. Each time I lean forward or lean back I expect to have pulling, tugging and pain …..but it’s not there. So I guess that’s a good thing! It’s only been four days but I’m very hopeful that the pulling will be so much better. I’m just hoping all of the swelling will go down and I’ll have my flat tummy back and my pretty little belly button. Although I know it’s not going to be the same.

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