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  • Damien10

    July 8, 2017 at 4:55 am

    Hi Doc

    I don’t have any groin pain.

    I am just trying to see if this can be a recurrence.

    The area feels weird but I don’t experience any pain whatsoever.

    If I get any discomfort then I get it when I bed down and then it’s barely noticeable.

    I’m just trying to see if maybe the area was stretched resulting in tissue coming apart etc.

    I don’t see or feel any bulges either and pushing down on the area doesn’t result in pain.

    Something is definetly different though. When the symptoms started I felt what felt like a burning sensation in my stomach and it was difficult to fully stretch the area. Leaning back was problematic etc.

    Now those symptoms have largely disappeared.

    If it is a recurrence, would additional mesh be placed etc and the old one removed?