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  • mela414

    July 9, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Day 6 post surgical. Still don’t feel the old pulling pain where the sutures were. They were probably tied too tight! My back is feeling the strain drom
    nit being able to stand up straight completely yet. I’m still a little hunched. My IBS has acted up too so by last night I looked 8 months pregnant and also distorted from surgical swelling. Today. The bloating is better but I have to be careful. The swelling is obvious and looks a bit freakish. There is a swelling where the removed the sutures … almost looks like a small Hernia protruding. Ughhhh I’m sure its just the swelling. I just want I heal already and be done with this nightmare. I hope the end result looks good but more importantly the pain won’t come back.