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Thank you for dealing with the preliminary node of all the hernias. Frankly, it turns out that strangulation is a rare occurrence, but I’m not a doctor, so I will only say that I am not very concerned about strangulation myself, but I might be denied the facts.
I will also say that I have been from three years with an inguinal hernia, held by a watchful attitude of life, and some appropriate exercise: when I forget the hernia and make an effort, or if I do a wrong exercise, I remain in trouble for days , Even weeks, with swelling. Growth of the hinged door occurred only in the third year, perhaps due to an effort, so now the hernia, without bands, tends to position itself in the groin. In the past, however, it remains in place, and then it seems to have nothing, because it does not bother …. My terror, being a man, is that it slips into the scrotum, as it is an indirect hernia. Someone has experience or suggestions

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