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Can it be anything else such as an Abdominal strain, scar tissue injury, sports hernia?

Most likely I would be undergoing the surgery in London when I go there for postgraduate study. The British Hernia Center seems to be the go to place for surgeries of this nature. Anyone familiar with this hospital? My main worry is damage to my testicles etc and any other injury that may cause erectile dysfunction. I am already finding it difficult to maintain an erection obviously this “thing” has begun to have adverse effects.

They claim to use a posterior or pre-peritinoeal approach to a recurrent hernia to avoid scar tissue etc. Is this standard operating procedure for these types of hernias or is this specialist expertise that only a few have? Should I ask my doctors here at home if it’s possible to have this approach for the prospective surgery? It may be up to 15 months before I am able to relocate to London etc so time is of the essence.

I’m sorry if I appear to be spamming this board, seems that recurrent hernias are a rarity so information on surgical approach and treatment is scarce. By the way, I am only 28 years old and haven’t even got around to having children so any complications down there worry me.


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