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Since my last post I have improved a bit more but I’m not 100 per cent. I do feel better walking now. Stronger. Just for fyi I am 61, 6’3” and about 195 pounds. Previously I was active and a regular gym goer. At my age things do take longer to heal up I have noticed.

A day at home just relaxing around the house I have just small random pains. Nothing that lasts.
A workday or more active day, which is walking, standing and getting in and out of a vehicle, I will have a pain that will creep in. The hernia area will become tight and with moderate pain. There are no large sharp stabbing pains anymore. By the end of the day I will usually go home and ice the area. I can rest comfortably. But I still have no days without pain.

I recently had an ultrasound with valsalva the tech did both sides as my doctor requested for comparison. My surgeon has told me the ultrasound looked fine. He doesn’t believe its a mesh issue or nerve issue because of how the pain has presented itself. I go back and see him in a month. If nothing improves he mentioned pain shots next. I hope there is another path for me instead of shots.

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