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Dr. Towfigh

My son had mesh inguinal hernia repairs on both sides one year ago. He is 20 years old and has had pain ever since the surgery and it has severely changed his ability to be active. He has pain from sudden movement and sometimes even from just walking, it affects him daily. The initial surgeon was very dismissive about the pain a few months after surgery. We recently met with another surgeon who confirmed he does not have a new hernia, but definitely has chronic pain and he recommended seeing a pain specialist to possibly try nerve injections. My son feels strongly that the pain is related to the mesh and so I am investigating the option of having the mesh removed but I just don’t know who to believe. I have not found any local specialists with regard to mesh removal.

I saw your statement earlier that his type of mesh is harder to remove, which is not great news. What is your opinion on the thought of removal in this case? He is so young and was previously so active, it just makes me sick to see him unable to enjoy the activities he loves.


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