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Can you give more detail on the material? I’ve seen where a couple of people have had Progrip mesh with good results, where I have Bard Soft Mesh, with poor results. Trying to draw some correlations between good materials and not so good. If they were all the same, some of the manufacturers would go out of business. There must be a reason for choosing one over another.

Thanks. And how are things now? Six weeks after surgery is barely time to reach a steady state.

I trained with Dr Voeller and to my knowledge he still uses Covidien (now Metronic) Parietex polyester mesh. He fixates the mesh with Tisseel fibrin glue which resorbs in about two weeks. Progrip is essentially the same mesh only with a different means of fixation (also temporary). It uses hyaluronic acid to create a “self fixating” mesh. Having performed both techniques, I would say post-operative pain is very similar.

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