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I would like to echo everything vtjbrent said in his post. I recently had my mesh removed. It had folded and curled into a ball and was rock hard.
i too had it removed robotic assisted laparoscopically by dr. Igor Belyanski who saw in a CT scan what so many others had missed that the mesh had folded. It was much worse when he actually got inside there. I am about 4 weeks out.
i am encouraged to see you are doing so well 6 weeks out.
And yes if I could do all over again I would of researched the best way and place to get a pure tissue repair. Unfortunately there aren’t many choices out there as mesh has become the gold standard. Whether you argue for or against mesh the real take away is when it goes bad it really goes bad. 99% of the implanting surgeons do not k is how to remove the mesh and to me this is a fundamental problem in using mesh. 99% of surgeons and radiologist do not know how to read an MRI or CT scan to identify mesh issues-and that is a problem! So you get passed on from test to test to doctor to doctor and they all say everything is fine with the mesh. It’s a long and brutal journey, not to mention you will have to most likely travel to another state to find a removal surgeon.
i don’t think the surgeons understand this point.
The physical, emotional and psychological effect this has on someone.
there has to be a better way-then sticking something in someone that statistically speaking can’t come out of you and almost a zero chance to see something is wrong on tests-unless you find the 4 or 5 surgeons in the United States out of thousands who can help you.
this is the fundamental problem with mesh.
sorry for the rant-it’s been a long journey for me.

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