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Thanks for your reply. 6 years ago I had a laparoscopic mesh repair for what turned out to be both a direct and indirect hernia. I had issues post surgery and starting last Feb debilitating pain. It turned out the mesh had curled up into a rock hard ball and I had the mesh removed (robotic assisted laparoscopically). He was able t remove about 90% of the mesh with some having to be left in the illiac vein and illiac artery.
he said there was no direct hernia (scar tissue filled in the area) and no indirect hernia but some weakeness in the indirect space which was sutured with absorbable sutures.
my question is the surgeon said the was slight weakeness in the femoral area and he could not reinforce this with sutures while he was in there Bc there area is very vascular and didn’t want to risk any bleeding (he was in there laparoscopically ).
He said in the future i am at risk for a possible femoral hernia. So I am just trying to be procactive and have a plan should I develop a femoral hernia . and have a surgeon in the US who has experience treating femoral hernias with no mesh
so a few questions:
are there any steps I can take in regards to nutrition, diet and excercise or any others steps proactive or preventative to increase the odds that I don’t have a femoral hernia down the line?
also when you repair a femoral hernia with out mesh is there risk or likelihood that the inguinal area is compromised?
thank you for your input?

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