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Hi, Jnomesh.

I don’t think there is any exercise to prevent hernias, though many people want to know about it.
Because muscular tissues consisting of hernia openings usually are not used actively during physical exercise.
So it’s very difficult to strengthen those muscles.
Furthermore, femoral canal, through which femoral hernia comes out, consists of ligamentous tissue which is very tight and fixed.
So it cannot be strengthened by any exercise at all.
Umbilial hernia and epigastric hernia also have hard and tight ligamentous hernia openings.
On the contrary, many exercises which increase intraabdominal pressure contribute to hernia development.

Regarding diet, balanced nutrition is recommendable.
As you know, food which increases intraabdominal fat is bad for hernia.

I don’t think non mesh femoral hernia repair will compromise inguinal area.
The repair is not done at inguinal area, but at femoral area.

Thank you!

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