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  • Jnomesh

    September 20, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    Thanks doctor for your prompt response that is awesome and much appreciated. While I have your ear I thought I’d throw a few more questions your way:
    1)how long does it usually take for a non tissue repair with absorbable sutures for a inguinal hernia to fully heal? I’ve read at 6 months the area should be about 75% healed and at a year 100%.
    does this seem accurate?
    The reason I ask is because when I had my mesh removed laparoscopically 5 weeks ago the surgeon reinforced the indirect space which had weakness by bringing the internal oblique muscle down to the illiopubic tract and stitched with absorbable sutures. So I am just curious how long will that area take to heal and how long should I be extra careful as to not risk reinjuring the area?
    2)Also do you have any contact with or know iof any surgeons in the US that specialize in pure tissue repairs?
    3)also what technique do you use to repair inguinal hernias (shouldice, bassini, Mccvey, desarda etc
    4) and what technique do you use to repair femoral hernias
    5) what are the pros and cons of absorbable and non absorbable sutures
    6) i know you mentioned that femoral hernias are less prevalent and thus you have done less of these repairs but what are the symptoms patients usually present with a femoral hernia outside of an y obvious bulge? I have some burning in my upper thigh right about where the bio bone ball and socket is-sometimes there is slight burning that radiates around to my lower back. Both of these are only brought on when I sit not when I walk.
    7) are you aware of any advances in the area of hernia repair: stem cell therapy or tissue regeneration?
    8) is there anything that can be done to make a hernia area that is weak (but no hernia present) stronger such as prolotherapy or PRP therapy. My surgeon noted I had some weakness in the femoral area and was wondering if there are some things I can do to strengthen the area?
    Thanks again-look forward to hearing back from you!