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Again thanks for the prompt reply!! I am 5 weeks out from having a large mesh removed so I am probably still healing from that 3 1/2 procedure.
i appreciate the work you are doing in offering an alternative to hernia mesh repair, as this is causing many problems to many people here in the US and other countries. I only wish that we had similar options in the US.
one last question
I know you don’t use mesh but maybe you can help me with a anatomical question: my surgeon was able to get 90% of the mesh out but had to leave some small amounts of mesh on the illiac vein and illiac artery.
im wondering if these two structures are near the upper thigh where I have some burning when sitting. I’m thinking that maybe when I sit and compress the area that maybe the mesh fragments is compressing these two structures and resulting in the burning sensation. But again I have no idea where exactly these two structures are although I think i read somewhere that one of these turns into the femoral artery which I know is in the leg-thus my question.
thanks again!

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