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Hi dr. Towfigh-thank you for your reply. I had my mesh removed by dr. Belyanski due to my mesh folding over and curling up into a ball and becoming as he described it “rock hard”. He was amazing and was able to detect on a cat scan I had done in March that the mesh was defective and bent and even worse when he got in there. He was able to remove 90% of it except for a little in the illiac vein and artery.

I suffered two issues before mesh removal: extreme heaviness and a swollen feeling medially and then a sort of stiffness feeling more laterally front thigh like 2-3″ below the ASIS (almost seems like maybe where the LFCN is ) and when sitting caused extreme burning in thigh and groin. No burning when walking or being upright only sitting.Since mesh removal almost at the 6 week mark that heaviness feeling medially is gone. However the funky tight feeling in the upper thigh is there on and off and sitting is still uncomfortable but much better than before the mesh was removed. I requested no new mesh to be put in if there were any hernias upon removal. So I was wondering:
1) could the discomfort I mentioned especially when sitting be coming from the little bit of mesh left on the illiac vein and illiac artery are these structures near the area I indicated? (2-3 inches below the ASIS)
2) when I met with dr. Belyanski 5 days post surgery he mentioned that there was slight weakeness in the femoral area and that I could be at risk for a femoral hernia down the road. He told me he couldn’t reinforce that area with sutures Bc it was to vascular. So since I have had such a nightmare experience with mesh I got kind of nervous with this news and wanted to do some research on femoral hernias and how they are repaired without mesh in case I do get one. I am a male-thin 5’8″ 145-150lbs. I’m hoping I won’t ever get one!
3) in the operative report it states there was weakeness in the internal inguinal ring and he sutured the area with absorbable sutures by bringing down the internal oblique muscle to the illiopubic tract. Just curious how long it takes for this suture repair in your opinion to fully heal? I don’t want to risk reinjuring it and am willing to be patient just looking for a time frame.
Thanks for any input you can offer. I had to travel out of state for the surgery and it isn’t always easy to contact the surgeon to ask questions

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