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Thank you again for your reply and offering a different perspective. It is very refreshing.
So im guessing that where you described the nerves going isn’t where I’m feeling the issues. It seems like maybe it is the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve location. Maybe when the mesh folded it aggrebatedbthis nerve and then she the mesh was removed it is still aggravated. The area is like 3 inches below the ASIS and slightly to the left. A slight rigging issue when walking and burning when sitting. I guess time will tell.
on another note Mesh for hernia repair in the US has become so prevelent that there aren’t other options offered.
when I went for my hernia repairs never ever was a pure tissue option offered so I can make an informed decision. Never ever were the risks-however small-of mesh explained to me. Never ever did the surgeon say if something went wrong with the mesh they didn’t know how or couldn’t remove it. It really is troubling. I know of after searching relentlessly of three surgeons in the US-that’s right 3! Who specialize in non mesh repairs-out of probably 100,000 surgeons who perform this procedure. It’s just wrong.
The shoukdice hospital in Canada reports that there recurrence rate is less than 1%!!!
and even less then that for chronic pain.
so why do surgeons in the US keep quoting high recurrence rates??!!! One doctor on this site said he believes recurrence rates with tissue repairs are 100% if you were to follow the patient throughout there lives. What a nonsensical statement.
bottom line is patients need more options when it comes to hernia repairs. The bias towards mesh is so out of whack that if someone doesn’t want this procedure they either have to travel or travel out of the United States to get this procedure or to roll the dice that a surgeon who doesn’t routinely do tissue repairs will do a good one.
i recently found a surgeon in LI NY who is from the shouldice clinic and has performed over 650 surgeries using this method. But I had to search like crazy to even know he existed. We need an operation similar to the shouldice clinic here in the states. A place where only pure tissues are done by highly skilled and trained surgeons. A pure tissue repair with less than a 1% recurrence and pain VS the gold standard of mesh with a 3% recurrence rate and possible debilitating pain due to a plastic foreign material that can reek havoc in the groin. With chronic pain rates that are reported as high as 20-30%. Dr. Towfigh what’s going on here? Something isn’t right. There needs to be at the very least a balance.
Again patients need alternatives and options.

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