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Hi. Is the doctor who does the shouldice repair located at Stoney brook? Ultimately you will have to make a decision on what you feel is the right way to go on this one. I can tell you I had laparoscopic hernia repair with mesh 6 years ago and it ruined my life and I eventually had to have the mesh removed in a long and tough surgery. My mesh had folded upon itself and folded over and become rock hard. It had to be peeled off the bladder and a few patches had to be left on the spermatic cord and other structures. It seems the majority of people do well with mesh but if it goes wrong you really are screwed and are left alone to figure it out. Ultimately I had to travel out of state and pay out of pocket for s lot of this procedure.
if you decide on getting a mesh repair then I rx going to see a specialist-I’d even rx making the journey to another state if I have to. I’d pick a surgeon who is not only an expert at this procedure but has experience removing it if something should go wrong. Unfortunately there are very few of these surgeons.
i never experienced the shouldice repair but I can definitely tell you if I could do it all over again I would have gotten a pure tissue repair and avoided mesh. Just my two cents

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