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  • mst3k

    September 28, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Start with PCP, however sometimes I have found if you call and just ask for a surgeon they will give you someone close by to you, but you will want more than just convenience. So make sure you ask for who they recommend themselves and who has your PCP’s other patients have had good results with.
    I assume you don’t know anyone who had this surgery, because obviously if you find anyone who had it, ask how it went and get a surgeon’s name if they had good results. I got a name (turned out to be the same doctor) both ways.

    I thought this website looked useful:
    you can find surgeons based on condition, and based on insurance info the site can tell you if the surgeon is very experienced in treating it.

    In general for hernia you ideally want a doctor that has been doing this for many years and should have thousands of repairs under his belt.