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As I have read some specialists prefer to recommend interventions with minimal symptomatic hernia, others suggest repair only when the hernia obstructs daily activities.

I return to the initial question: on a hernia that does not give pain
I find it amazing that the behavior of inguinal hernia is sometimes really ‘capricious’
Sometimes the hernia faces outwardly into the inguinal canal, forming a ‘sack’. It is amazing that the same hernia can then be reduced to a ‘tip’, that is, to the initial sketch, following an orderly and satisfying day in which some factors are balanced: mind-body balance (as it may have when walking ” doing other activities and therefore with the mind involved in the activities), a manifestation of moods, adequate nutrition .. I think there is a connection between the various functions (digestive, mechanical-locomotor, nervous, hormonal) that condition the ability muscle on the site by determining its tension or laxity
I’ve been tracking the bizarre behavior of my hernia for years, but I can not explain it well, and I can not explain what’s happening

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