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  • Jnomesh

    September 30, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Dr. Belyanski is a top hernia surgeon in Annapolis Maryland.
    Not to scare you but to inform you about mesh but if something should go wrong with mesh and it needs to come out it is a utter nightmare to remove. And very few surgeons do it. Dr. Belyanski removed my mesh-so if you decide on going with mesh I’d consider getting the surgery with him he is highly skilled and in your area-and even a bigger plus is he does and knows how to remove it-should something gonwromg in the future.
    this is my biggest complaint about mesh-it’s not whether something will or won’t go wrong or whether it is good or bad-but if it does go wrong it is a utter disaster and an ordeal to get it removed and even if you do get it removed it’s not a slam dunk that you are better off. This stuff can do a lot of damage.
    the D you are talking about is most likely the desarda pure tissue repair. Ask how many he does of these types of repairs.
    Do your research and make the best decision you can on which way to go.
    there is nothing wrong with waiting however if it is small it is much easier to get a pure tissue repair if it gets bigger over time and you want a pure tissue repair it may be harder.