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Yes by all means don’t rush into anything-surgery should be a last resort and you should have a definitive reason for the surgery. I know of at least 3 people who had no symptoms and it was debatable whether small hernias showed up on scans. They were encouraged by their surgeons to have them repaired laparoscopically with mesh. All three suffered serious complications from the mesh (2 had allergic reactions that led to not only pain but other severe auto immune symptoms)
all three ended up having mesh removal and although all three are overall better since having the mesh removed they all still have some issues that mesh originally caused. They all say they wish they just waited Bc they all had small hernias ( or maybe not) and they didn’t have any problems.
again my advice is to skip the aberahebfemeral surgeon or even specialist and get and send your scans to someone who can definitely interpret what’s going on. The only two I know of are dr. Towfigh and dr. Belyanski. There was another thread of someone experience pain and dr. Belyanski diagnosed that it was a lipoma and not a hernia (still needed surgery) but that person was in pain.

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