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Thanks for your reply dr. Kang. I think your real world instincts mirror the article I found. I think they called it herniosis: the three stage formation of a hernia.
Anyways I found it really interesting Bc before having mesh surgery (and eventual removal) I had so much burning and a swelling sensation in my left groin and it felt like it was in two places not one-I even felt a sensation of something pushing through more medially and a swelling- but i cat scan showed nothing, them three months later an MRI showed nothing, then 6 months later a physical by a hernia surgeon showed nothing-but man I was in so much pain.
And 13 months later it was finally diagnosed by the surgeon who would docmy surgery. In the report it said significant weakeness in the Heaschel triangle area with fat in it and fat in the indirect space-2 hernias.
so for 13 months I was dealing with two hernias that couldn’t be diagnosed. So maybe I was one of the few that had a lot of discomfort while the hernia was “forming).
also I wonder why the Marcy repair is no longer used in the US. Of the few dr.’a that do pure tissue repair it is either a Bassinin, or modified bassini, desarda or shouldice.
Again thanks for a your insight and feedback. It is so welcomed.
In America (and I’m guessing a lot of other countries) we need more options to mesh repair. And to piggy back on a point you made earlier about how mesh looks once it has been inside the body for a while-I bet if you opened up people who have mesh and no symptoms you would see that the mesh is messed up inside but for whatever reason it don’t bothering the person and is probably still doing its job of preventing a hernia recurrence.
also how is the Marcy operation performed/Carried out. Is it very different from a bassini approach?

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