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The people I was referencing were people I communicate with online I do not know them personally.
Again I don’t want to go around in circles but I think the point that most of us are making about mesh isn’t whether it is bad or good or whether it will cause you harm or not (yes I have my personal opinions on many of these matters) but thentake away the big take away is if it does go bad it is a nightmare to deal with on so many levels-you can’t even fathom to imagine it.
on some of your other thoughts-no I don’t think in my opinion many doctors have removed mesh in their careers-maybe if it is infected (easier to remove) and maybe some abdminal meshes but I’d guess most haven’t.
i think dr. Krang’s point is that the mesh is supposed to remain flat and not become hard when it is implanted in you-but when he has gone in the mesh can be and often is folded, squished up, moved or attaching to things it shouldn’t.
Also ask your surgeon to show you the actual size of the mesh he will be using-good ones and ones that do a lot should have some examples handy-I guarantee you will do a double take-average size even for small hernias or about 5″x7″ a huge surface area. It has to be way bigger than necessary mostly Bc it is known without a shadow of a doubt to shrink by 30-50% this is a fact.
anyways when I had my surgery I thought the mesh was probably the size of a bandaid. Nope picture a small plate and hold it over your groin to get a better idea.
anyways I highly rx you get a MRI or a cat scan maybe both if one comes up negative. If they both come up negative I’d send them to the surgeons I already mentioned for review.
if after that they come back negative you can loook into other reasons why you have this pain/ bump
id they come back positive you can decide whether to wait or not
if you decide for surgery you can then decide how you want it repaired and make you own best informed decision.
i brought up the other people I correspond with not as a scare story but to give examples of people who rushed into surgery. It was meant to reinforce your decision not to rush into surgery when you don’t know exactly what is going on.
tou are fortunate that whatever is going on with you isn’t bothering you much so take your time gather as much information as possible (please get something scans) get second and third opinions and then you can make the best informed decision.

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