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Hi. Was debating whether to respond or not Bc I feel you’ve done so much more than most people do when looking into hernia surgery and you have listened to both the good and bad arguments and have come to a decision and that’s really all you can do. My experience as I’ve mentioned was a nightmare and the mesh had to be removed and this was a very very painful, psychologically and emotionally and financially draining ordeal.
so I will leave you with two thoughts that you can think k about and follow up with your surgeon:
1) please ask what would happen if down the line the mesh causes you major pain and issues?
Does he remove mesh? Can he read MEI’s and Cat scans to see if there are issues with the mesh? Please ask if he says yes how many mesh removals he has done and don’t let him get away with oh about one or two a month-ask for a ball park figure. Ask him if he gets all the mesh out and if the groin nerves routinely have to be cut (called neurectomies ). Ask how long he will make you wait to see if symptoms disappear before considering mesh removal. 3 months 6 months a year? Remember you mentioned that it was mentioned that mesh is supposed to permanent-and it is and that is why removing it is so hard.
2) one point that I would definitely run away from is the use of the Bard 3D maxx hernia mesh. It is a disaster. Please don’t let him put that in you (whenever you are ready for surgery). Don’t take my word for it-but please just google it! There are numerous lawsuits in this brand. It folded up inside of me and in the process attached to things it shouldn’t have. It had to be peeled off my bladder, removed as much as possible from the spermatic cord and some pieces of mesh had to be left on the illiac vein and illiac artery Bc I could of bled to death if something went wrong when removing it. There is a huge design flaw-it is concave which is supposed to help with the 3D aspect of the inguinal canal region but this makes it highly susceptible to folding over.
The surgeon who removed my mesh said it is also a heavier mesh and does not do well in thinner people. This is why I implore you to please find a hernia specialist and not someone who says they are just Bc they do a lot of hernia surgeries. The surgeon who did my original surgery also told me he does many many hernia surgeries but yet he used this crap piece of mesh in me and I was a thin guy.
find a surgeon who only does hernia surgeries-they are out there but harder to find. They will know which mesh is best for YOU! Not just use a mesh that he soley uses for everyone.
You are moving in the right direction and seem determined to use mesh-if so please make sure you give yourself the best odds of s successful long term outcome. There are a good number of people I’ve come across who had mesh removed and had the Bard 3D maxx mesh.
best of luck!

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