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Excellent insight into robotic part. Yes I agree with you. I did not have robotic surgery. I went with the skill of surgeon. I did go to local surgeons and talked to a few people but did not feel comfortable. With Dr. G I did not even see him but with experience he had, his web site and what people were talking about him, I felt good. I spoke to him on phone first. Fixed apt and went to surgery room straight away. He examined me 30 min before surgery, I was given an operating toom dress, pulled in, within 2 hours I was back on feet. Did not even know I had surgery. In the operating room they put nasal canuli and it was not fitting well but before I started saying “wait, let me…” I felt asleep and woke up when my family was patting my hands to wake me up. I woke up and asked “what happened?” LOL. Dr. G came after a few minutes and showed a sign “Thumbs up!” and said you are good to go! That simple. A couple of years later I had colonoscopy in the local hospital (this time the local gastro who is known to be very good) and worried that mesh might interfere. The gastro said it won’t since he will never push the scope that hard to even tear the intestines and the support tissue below. LOL. I laughed at my own ignorance for asking that question.

Do not repeatedly keep saying about FACS of the surgeon. Those are normal qualifications of a surgeon I guess. Like “board certified pediatrician,” etc. Even if it is not, a FACS surgeon can screw up too. I cannot stress anymore than jnomesh said it. Skill of surgeon is the most important. May be your surgeon is very good but still, if I were you I will research more about that surgeon. A skillful and good surgeon who is interested in your welfare will tell you whether you really need surgery or if you can wait. OTOH a surgeon with a hammer in hand looking to drive nails, will say you must have surgery immediately or else! Else what? I know what. Else, he will miss your payment. LOL. That is all. You will be fine.

The other day (means 2/3 years ago) my dentist told me – you have a spot on tongue that needs to be checked for cancer or else! And here is the guy you need to meet. Ha. So I go back home worried and look in mirror pulling my tongue out. I cannot see a thing. I ignore THE SPOT and I am still alive. Nobody ever has said anything about cancer – either my PCP or anyone else. Now that the same dentist sold her practice to somebody else, we have a new dentist. So I ask what is wrong with my tongue. The new denty (recall Michael Richards’ saying hey Dentee!, to Seinfeld?) says – there is no spot on tongue. So here is the way they work together. The denty scratches that other doctors back and the other doctor scratches the denti’s back again. You know how this works – you scratch mine I do yours. So as long as your insurance pays, they are fine and will be merry happy to bill them. May even do a biopsy and take your deductible, and all. Yes of course if you cannot pay they will even put you on a payment plan! It is all great set up and plan.

These days it is hard to find a caring guy. It is all business. Otherwise how do they pay off their college loans pal? Sad truth but many in medical field do this every single day. Yeah, the regulations are there but if surgeon screwed up inside how do you prove actually that he screwed up? You have time to go with another surgeon, lawyer and all that pain for three years around the courts and finally be awarded with $2 million? And when you get that $2 million what part of it is yours? The attorney will eat may be 70% of it and will you finally still have the pain with $30K check in bank? Is that what you want?

So do your research, go slow and decide well. In the end remember this age old saying I think I read in Reader’s Digest, “God cures you, doctors take your money!” Just kidding. All the best.

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