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Thanks dr. Kang for your follow up. I have a few more questions regarding the pure tisuue repairs
for indirect and direct hernias.
1) do you know if the shouldice repair for either a direct or a indirect hernia covers both spaces? In other words if you have an indirect hernia will the shouldice repair also reinforce the direct space?

2) the reason I ask is Bc I have had my laparoscopic mesh removed by the Same method.
when mesh was originally put in it was noted that I had both a direct and indirect hernia. However, when the mesh was removed there were no hernias noted by the removal surgeon. The direct hernia was completely filled in by scar tissue and there was weakeness in the indirect space that the surgeon repaired by bringing the internal oblique muscle down to the illiopubic tract and sutured with absorbable sutures. I’m curious if only one hernia should reoccur in the future is there a pure tissue repair that can reinforce both areas even if only one hernia reoccurs. I guess my question is since I had Both types of hernias (and don’t want mesh again) if i should have say a indirect hernia that reoccurs I’d hate to Just have a pure tissue repair of the indirect space knowing I’m susceptible to having a direct hernia and might need a second repair down the line-I’d definitely prefer if possible a pure tissue repair that can not only repair one hernia but in essence also reinforce the other space as well.
just curios if that is possible. How would you handle a patient like me?
thanks in advance -looking forward to your input.

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