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Hi thanks dr. Kang. In my particular situation I had both a indirect and direct hernia repaired with mesh laparoscopically. The mesh folded up and had to be removed. Upon removal my surgeon noted that the direct space had been filled in with scar tissue. Although there was no indirect hernia upon removing the mesh there was weakness in the indirect space. This was repaired while he was in laparoscopically by bringing the internal oblique muscle down to the illiopubic tract and closing with absorbable sutures. He also noticed some/slight weakeness in the femoral area but it was to vascular to reinforce with sutures.
i know this whole area is still weak, especially with the removal of the mesh so I was just tying to plan ahead should I get a recurrence and need surgery without mesh I’d like to get the both areas reinforced/fixed in one operation given my history even though there only might be one recurrence. I’d hate to get a indirect hernia recurrence have surgery to fix it and then later get a indirect hernia and have to be cut open again (I’ve already had three surgeries)
so I was hoping there was a way to fix/reinforce the area in one surgery without mesh.
i guess this might not be as easy I had hoped.

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