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Let me ask you a quick question. Is healing of the hernia important to you or testing the surgery area; so you can mess up with the tear, more important?

For asking this question you already are cursing me, aren’t you? So there we have the answer already. A surgery is S-U-R-G-E-R-Y. Let it heal well and while you can do some walking and move around, better not to do anything that could tear the wound or mess up. First of all what is the hurry to do anything excessive? I waited 6 weeks before I could venture out on the roads, walking. But as I gained better health and the pain reduced from surgical wound, I started jogging. I keep saying on this forum, surgery will fix you up but will NEVER make you a superman. There is no such thing as a superman. Movie guys create a fictional character portraying Ahnold Schwarznegger as a superman but Arnold himself may have his own health problems – may be even went through hernia surgery ha ha. I do not know. If I were you, I will rent lots of DVDs, enjoy those, or read books or do something like playing chess. Better yet, write your hernia surgery details here on the forum and share your experience. Or even buy a Rubik’s cube and try to solve it. 🙂

Let the body heal and heal well. If you do anything wrong now, it will only mess up much worse. What I did was to walk normally first, slowly increased that to brisk walk, then to quicker walk and then jog and by 8 weeks run normally. But the cut remained hard for me for over 2 years. As any surgeon will tell you the surgical area wound heals over several months. Yes sir, you read it correct, outside would closes up quickly but inside it takes MONTHS to heal and become normal. So give it time.

You said your surgery was few DAYS AGO, so I would say you can start your normal routine by New year very well. Normal routine BTW is NOT lifting 2000 lbs on a bench press. For that kind of lifting I would wait 6 months to one year. In the end the best option is to listen to your body.

Disclaimer: Nobody is forcing you to sit on couch all the time anyways and this advice is free. So feel free to dump it.

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