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  • Rob

    October 28, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    Dr kang,

    I have some more questions for you Dr Kang:

    Have you submitted your surgical data results to international journals? If not why not? I think this would be one of the most valuable things you could do in promoting Gipum Hospital.

    Do you use mesh for very small umbilical/epigastric hernias? I have been diagnosed by 2 surgeons who both can feel a hernia in my belly button. Its small, one surgeon recommends just stiching it, the other surgeon recommends a small piece of mesh.

    Although you use tissue repair for inguinal hernias, is there any circumstance where you decide to use mesh instead for the repair of inguinal hernia?

    If someone had your surgery to repair inguinal hernia and there was a recurrence later. Would laparoscopic mesh surgery or Lichtenstein open mesh surgery still be possible to treat the recurrence?

    Again, if someone was to have a recurrence after your tissue repair, can you perform your method again to repair the recurrence? I take that after a recurrence the tissues would be more compromised and the hernia bigger than it was originally?

    Thanks again Dr Kang,