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Hi. I’m a male. I will say from my experience it was more of a burning sun burn kind of pain that I felt in my outer calf and foot. But I do think you just need to try and rule everything out. I can only speak from my experience but since you already have a cat scan I would request a copy of the Cat scan they can put on a CD for you and i would send it to dr. Igor Belyanski in Annapolis MD. You can google him. Speak to his office staff and his assistant. I would type up a detailed letter explaining everything you are experiencing and send that in with your scan. He is an expert at reading cat scans. I would highly trust his opinion. If he doesn’t see a hernia I would then move on to other tests or therapies. Look into Myofascial release therapy and message therapy for the back.
it is also possible that you may have a weakeness in your abdominal wall and no true hernia yet but that weakenesss may be causing you the discomfort. If the cat scan is deemed normal by dr. Belyanski you may wish to use a MRI as that can find muscle tears and other stuff that a cat scan can’t. And of course since you are female there is a higher chance of you do have a hernia it ny be a femoral hernia and as I mentioned there are some different nerves associated with that type of hernia . Best of luck

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